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Navigating the complex maze of immigration law and regulations can be near impossible without the help of an experienced immigration attorney. At Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP, our firm is staffed with 17 full-time immigration attorneys who work exclusively with immigrants and business entities employing immigrants. We offer a wide range of creative solutions and immigration law services that include but are not limited to:

  • Hiring Foreign Nationals: Our immigration attorneys regularly help corporations, universities, hospitals, research institutions, startups, and individuals to obtain employment-based visas for new hires, enabling our clients to include hiring individuals needing visa sponsorship as part of their talent acquisition strategy. From one-off hires to institutional immigration policies covering hundreds or employees, our lawyers make the process of hiring foreign nationals run smoothly for both employer and employee.
  • EB-5 Immigration: EB-5 is a method for eligible immigrant investors to become lawful permanent residents. The EB-5 investor program is loaded with tons of intricate stipulations, forms, and qualifications that are better off handled by the legal professionals and immigration attorneys here at Klasko Law.
  • EB-1 Immigration: EB-1 visas fall into the employment-based visa family. Foreign nationals that want to obtain permanent residency should apply for EB-1 if they can demonstrate extraordinary talent and skill in their given fields or if they are an executive or manager being transferred to a U.S. branch of their current employer. The EB-1 is the highest preference classification of visa that is offered to aliens based on current or prospective employment.
  • Worksite Compliance: Now more than ever it is critical for businesses to fully comply with all immigration laws relevant to their operations. Klasko Law helps both commercial companies and a wide variety of other institutions prepare policies and programs that adhere to federal laws and regulations in addition to representing employers in audits and enforcement-related litigation.
  • Global Immigration: Klasko Law’s global immigration services allow the employees of any business to work legally in any country. From basic business/visitor visas to work visas and long-term living arrangements, Klasko Law attorneys provide seamless immigration assistance worldwide.
  • Business Litigation: When the government has denied an application or petition, or unreasonably delayed adjudication, and an employer or an individual has exhausted all other options, sometimes the next action is to file a lawsuit against the government. Our attorneys have successfully sued the government to obtain immigration benefits unlawfully delayed or denied and have challenged illegal polices implemented the immigration agencies.

Klasko Law cannot overstate the importance of consulting with an experienced EB-5 immigration lawyer , EB-1 immigration lawyer, or compliance immigration lawyer when it comes to wading into the perplexing waters of employment-based immigration services.

Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP Immigration Law Experience

There are five employment-based immigrant visa categories that lead to permanent residence, and in order for an individual to qualify for one of the visas, they need to meet the right combination of skills, education, and work experience.

For immigrants seeking long-term or permanent residence based on a qualified investment, our attorneys can help guide them through the EB-5 immigration process. For those of extraordinary ability and those with an advanced degree whose employment is in the national interest, we offer EB-1 immigration legal assistance. We also help companies hire foreign nationals and support their immigration compliance and business litigation needs.

While Klasko Law is capable and experienced in handling all aspects of immigration law and litigation, we are best known for providing creative solutions to complex problems in employment-based immigration.

Let our lawyers help you achieve your immigration goals by scheduling a consultation today. At your consultation, we will gather all the facts of your case, and strategize on the best possible course of action.