On Jan 30 2019 by Klasko Immigration

What You Need to Know About the O-1 Visa

If you’re an individual with an extraordinary talent or skill in your field, you may qualify to apply for the O-1 visa.

There are many benefits to having O-1 visas. For example, the holder may work legally in the U.S., may travel in and out of the U.S., or stay for as long as the visa stamp and status are valid. Spouses and single children under 21 may stay with the visa holder, but cannot accept employment.

In the infographic below, you’ll find a brief guide to the O-1 visa, which the Klasko EB-1 team has extensive experience in obtaining for talented foreign nationals, so individuals can determine whether or not they may qualify and how to take the next step towards applying.


Don’t think you qualify for the O-1 visa? There may be other visa options for you, like a visa based on investment. Don’t hesitate to call the investment immigration attorneys at Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP, for assistance.