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Fall 2021 Zoom Events for Klasko Immigration Law Partners

This autumn, Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP is hosting a three-part webinar series. The series launched on  November 2,  2021 and will cover how the -pandemic and the Trump administration continues to affect immigration. 

Each webinar contains the latest information regarding current immigration issues, like Congressional legislation, international travel requirements, immigrant vaccination requirements, and other salient news.  U.S. employers, universities, businesses, and healthcare providers  will find value in the information presented by the  employment-based immigration attorneys from Klasko Immigration Law Partners. 

Our immigration lawyers have designed this webinar series to address some of the most pressing topics in employment immigration. The first session will cover a broad range of topics and questions submitted by YOU, the audience. The second session will cover common, but tricky, scenarios and questions for foreign nationals in the US on nonimmigrant (or temporary) visas regarding what work activities they can and cannot do. And finally, for health care employers in need of staff members, how they can recruit foreign national workers to help ease the healthcare worker shortage many providers are facing. 

AMA: Ask an Immigration Attorney

The legal world of immigration can be complex and challenging to understand, especially in these changing times as the United States and the rest of the world adapt to the flow of the pandemic. However, there’s a webinar in the session that can help address any questions. This webinar will be in an “Ask Me Anything”, or AMA, format and the immigration attorneys to answer questions submitted prior to the webinar! At this event, Anu Nair, Andrew Zeltner, and Karuna Simbeck will be presenting.

Tricky Employment Issues

As the “new normal” of the pandemic continues to influence how many companies operate, the hiring of immigrant workers has changed. Michele Madera, Maria Mihaylova, and Nigel James will use this section of the webinar series to explore these new problems and how they have made it more difficult for immigrant employees to enter the workforce. Because the attorneys of Klasko Immigration Law Partners have worked with clients in a wide variety of industries, they’ll be able to offer nuanced insight into each of those fields, such as research organizations and engineering companies. View the recording here.

The State of Recruiting Foreign Healthcare Workers

Of all the industries impacted by the pandemic, healthcare underwent the most changes, especially in regards to recruiting healthcare workers internationally. The speakers at this event will discuss visa options and contemporary updates concerning healthcare workers in numerous fields, such as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and many others.

To register for this webinar series and to watch a recording, click here.

Contact us today for more information to learn more about the fall webinar or KILP’s services, including assistance regarding the H-1B nonimmigrant visa and EB-1 categories.