Menu of Services for Lawyers

We provide the following options for EB-5 services upon request of lawyers:

  1. Lawyer prepares the EB-5 petition and we review
    • lawyer has all contact with investor
    • we are all available to answer questions and review documents  
    • we have engagement letter with lawyer
  2. We prepare the EB-5 petition – we are primary counsel with investor
    • we have engagement letter with investor
    • we have contact with client directly
    • lawyer is copied on all emails, gets copies of all documents and participates in all conference calls – used as learning experience
    • lawyer prepares I-485, IV processing, reentry permit and handles all other immigration work for the client
    • regional centers developers and business seeking capital
  3. We provide advice to developers regarding new regional center
    • lawyer may choose to represent investors in the regional center
  4. Litigation of denied or delayed I-924, I-526 or I-829