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July 2021 Visa Bulletin

In the July visa bulletin, the DOS provides final action date projections for visa availability for Family and Employment based categories. For this month, the USCIS says to use Chart A for Employment-Based cases.

Looking at Chart A (Final Action Dates),

  • Regional Center I5 and R5 will be UNAVAILABLE if there is no legislation by June 30, 2021.
    • According to the visa bulletin, “If there is legislative action extending this category for July, the final action dates would immediately become “Current” for July for all countries except China-mainland born I5 and R5, which would be subject to a November 8, 2015 final action date and Vietnam I5 and R5, which would be subject to an April 1, 2020 final action date.”

EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, & Other Workers remains CURRENT for the following categories:   ALL OTHER, MEXICO, PHILIPPINES and VIETNAM

  • EB-2 India moves ahead 7 months to 01JUN 11
  • EB-3 India jumps ahead 14 months (!!) to 01JAN13
  • EB-5 India Non-Regional Center (C5 and T5) remains CURRENT

  • EB-2 China moves ahead 7 months to 01DEC17
  • EB-3 China moves ahead 4 months to 01JAN09
  • EB-5 China Non-Regional Center (C5 and T5) moves 2 months to 08NOV15

  • EB-5 Vietnam Non-Regional Center (C5 and T5) moves forward 2 years (!!) to 01APR20

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