On Apr 01 2011 by William A. Stock

India/China Quota numbers – Now the Bad News

Earlier this week, Kate reported that the State Department said it would be able to release an extra 12,000 visas for processing in EB-2 this year because of USCIS reporting low demand (and low approval rates) in EB-1.  What does that mean for possible movement of priority dates this year?  Some people have reported across the internet that the EB-2 China/India backlog may disappear.  Unfortunately, the numbers don’t bear that out.

The last pending I-485 inventory number released from USCIS said that, as of January 2011, there were about 5,000 pending I-485s for EB-2 China with priority dates earlier than January 1, 2007, and there were about 14,000 pending I-485s for EB-2 India with priority dates earlier than January 1, 2007.

So, the “extra” numbers that “spill down” to EB-2 from EB-1, plus the regular ones (about 2300 each for India and China), should get the priority dates to late 2006, and perhaps to January 2007, by September of 2011.

While that is still better than no movement at all, it is far from being current.