Event Date: Dec 03, 2019

When All Else Fails: Pursuing Litigation to Overcome Denials and Delays

Companies that sponsor or hire foreign national employees are facing unreasonable adjudication delays, inconsistent decisions, and increased denials at an unprecedented rate. Previous solutions, like motions and administrative appeals, do not offer an effective solution. Employers are frustrated, but also uncertain, with developing the appropriate strategy in unprecedented times. There is an option available to employers when all else fails: file a complaint in federal court. Employers have typically been unfamiliar with the process, and apprehensive about adverse outcomes or retaliation.

This webinar, led by the Klasko Business Litigation Team, is designed specifically for general counsel, human resources, and talent acquisition professionals to feel empowered in taking back some control over the process.

Featured topics:

  • Types of federal court actions available
  • Preparing for possible litigation
  • Types of cases with high success rates
  • Timelines
  • Issues of publicity and retaliation
  • Fixed feed and alternative legal fee arrangements
  • Recent success stories

To download the presentation for this webinar, click here.

Join the industry leading Klasko Litigation Team, including Ron Klasko, Bill Stock, and Dan Lundy by watching this webinar recording today.



PDF - Presentation Webinar 12.03.2019 - Litigation for Business - When All Else Fails Saving Immigration Cases with Litigation