Event Date: Mar 14, 2018

Establishing E-2 Visa Eligibility through Citizenship by Investment 通过护照投资项目获得E-2签证资格

It is a transition time for Chinese investors wishing to immigrate to the U.S. With the unprecedentedly long waiting list under the EB-5 quota for Chinese investors, agents and investors are eager to learn about alternative options for immigration to the U.S. As a result, citizenship by investment followed by an application for E-2 visa has been a hot topic in China. Within about 6 months, this option can result in an eligible investor obtaining an E-2 visa that is good for 5 years and renewable indefinitely.
During this live webinar, we will outline the benefits and requirements of pairing the citizenship by Investment program in Grenada with E-2 visa eligibility, and make time to answer questions from the attendees. A licensed Grenada marketing agent, Anna Chen of CIBA, will explain the requirements and benefits of Grenada citizenship. Space is limited, so register today.
在本次网络现场讲座中,我们将着重介绍这一个将格林纳达国籍项目与E-2签证相结合的方式的优势和要求,并抽出时间回答大家的问题。CIBAAnna Chen作为有格林纳达市场推广执照的代理人,也将介绍格林纳达公民项目的优势和要求。如您感兴趣请尽快注册。



Also Speaking: Anna Chen, Exectuive Director of CIBA

Founded 10 years ago, CIBA is the first comprehensive service provider of Immigrant Investor projects in China and offers overseas immigration and investment solutions to high net worth investors. With over 100 immigration agents worldwide, CIBA enjoys a broad overseas network of Immigrant Investor projects.

CIBA has a spirit of collaboration since its set-up and offers immigration agents a variety of value-added services in marketing, documentation and overseas support. CIBA is known as one of the most reliable long-term collaborators by leading immigration agents in China.

CIBA’s founder, Ms. Anna Chen is recognized as one of the leading figures in the immigration business by immigration agents, investors and overseas partners. Prior to getting involved in Immigrant Investor projects in 2000, Anna worked as a licensed investment counselor in a well-known Canadian financial organization, first as Director of Asian Affairs then as the Chief Representative in China. She set up CIBA with her major partner Mr. He in 2006 and has been serving as the Managing Director ever since. Under her charismatic leadership, CIBA has grown to an established leading provider of high quality immigration projects over the short span of 10 years. Anna has been highly praised for her expertise, integrity and vision.

In recent years, Anna has foreseen the necessity of product diversification and brought in new investment immigration programs from different countries including Ireland, Netherlands, Malta and UK to China market. Recently, CIBA started to concentrate on Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program and has achieved great success and rich experience in this program.

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